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A Third Baby Brown (2004)

Mhairi Brown. She was 8lb 9oz and born at 6:31am at St John's Hospital, Livingston. Here are a couple of photos from back then.

Old news now, but here are a couple of Rhona's first photos from January 2002, aged 3 hours and 20 mins (give or take a few seconds): rhona1.jpg and rhona2.jpg; and here's a photo of Rhona aged 3 days.

So that Eilidh doesn't feel left out, here's a photo of her from January 2002.

Eilidh's 1st Birthday
Eilidh's first birthday. Here are just a couple of photos for all those of you that requested them(?!).

View some holiday snaps of our trip to Spain.

Visit Neil's work home page, but beware, it isn't much better than this!